Saturday, May 5, 2007


As requested, here's the second album by Japan's Dada. This guitar and synth duo (each plays both) released their first impossible to find LP on the legendary Vanity label. I understand it's supposed to be very Fripp and Eno sounding (never been able to track one down personally). Well...if that was the case with their debut, there's little evidence of it here. This album pretty much divides itself evenly between two compositional poles. The three tracks composed by (or in the case of track one, co-composed by) Kenji Konishi are madly percolating cartoonish little electronic treasures that sound equal parts Bernard Szajner, Mort Garson and Bruce Haack and are the principal reason why I'd urge one and all to check this out posthaste (they're tracks 1, 5 & 6 in case you're interested). When Mutsuhiko Izumi is at the compositional helm however, things take a turn for the ponderously grandiose and schmaltzy. Put that aside though and just make a beeline for what's special about this odd little record.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, the first dada record is firmly in the fripp/eno vein with a healthy dose of the roland-equipment-sound of @ 1980.. ..


Anonymous said...

Dada is not on the NWW list. Dadazuzu and Mama Dada 1919 are, but not Dada.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks VDO and crew!!

Compliments to of the best blogs yet!!

stay cold,


vdoandsound said...

Anonymous-Good're absolutely right and if my brain weren't fevered from trying to compose 5 lucid reviews a day I'd have probably figured that out myself. After getting myself sorted on the contents of the list (barring maybe 4-5 titles) years back, I've managed to not consult it for ages. Made the same mistake some months back about Nomadia as well, which I would have bet money was on the list and wasn't. Guess I need to whip out that dusty old thing

I'll now correct the posting....

omayyad said...

Thank you for this . I've been looking for it ever since I got "Castle Wall". DO you have "Joheki" You could post as well?

Anonymous said...

This is great, thanks.

Do you happen to have 4-D mode1's single "After Dinner Party" released in 1983?