Friday, May 11, 2007

Decko - Mythe xero ,LP,1982,France

A fairly unusual French electronic album in the experimental mode. Any time I tend to hear electronics that aren’t building something consonantly melodic, I tend to think of Conrad Schnitzler, but I’m also reminded of an even more obscure title, the Ping Pong Musik albums of Klaus Bloch. I remember reading about a ton of avant-garde experimental electronic albums from the 80s in Audio magazine and this is also along those lines. In fact this one might be remembered while so many of the others aren’t because of it’s presence in Musea’s French discography. But really, this is way too many words for a 9.
Review from :Outer Music Diary
Unfortunately no more infos were found.A wonderful LP ,totally electronic ,with sombre sometimes very depressive atmosphere ,yet adventurous enough.Apart from comprisons mentioned in the above review i find some hints of late Heldon and especially Pinhas solo recordings ,influences.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! I like this one alot, super sick first track. Great use of rhythm.
This one made my day.


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decko said...

Decko Mythe xéro:

Pour information l' album a été enregistré et publié en 1980.

En vous remerciant de vos compliments,DECKO

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Solomon said...

Thank you.

Etienne68 said...

Nous pouvons vous fournir ce lp, il y en a encore un peu en stock, si intéressé!!! contact mail Decko ou

Etienne68 said...

LP toujours disponible a nos contacts, avec nos remerciements.

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