Friday, May 18, 2007


Excellent syrupy cosmic synth cheese (ostensibly based on Lord Of The Rings, though thankfully not audibly) with a high amusement factor, never more so than on the cut "Arwan, Namarie" whose sincere aspirations to construct something transcendent and enveloping are unintentionally subverted by insufficient technology and dubious tonal choices into something so wonderfully wrongheaded, it becomes magnificently sick and unsettling by sheer accident.

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Anonymous said...

Not a single comment. I'm no good with words, but this album is VERY beautiful. Puts quite an image in my mind. A true fantasy, this one.

Didier said...

Thank you for your comment. I'm happy that after so many years you liked my music ...

Paul Harvey said...

I am hoping that my comment reaches Didier Paquette as I see he kindly left a comment above.

I lost my digital copy of the album that Mutant Sounds kindly posted and as they are no longer in the business of accepting requests for reposts, I was hoping that you may be able to help me in acquiring a digital copy of Le Souffle Noir.

I listened to the album regularly and as a fan of 70s/80s French electronic music, I think the album is one of the best ever made from that period - some of the music sounds like it could have been recorded 34 seconds ago, never mind 34 years - it is uncanny how it anticipates the later developments in electronic ambient/dance music and in terms of its release, it is on par with many of my favourite French artists from that period like Richard Pinhas/Zanov/Bernard Fevre/Jean-Pierre Decerf.

With a single copy of the album currently selling on Discogs for over £150, this album really should have a CD reissue (if that is possible).

Anyway, if Didier or anyone else can help with a rip of the album, please email me (I have a lot of rare French electronic music from this period if someone is looking to swap rips).

I can be reached at:

And thanks obviously to Mutant Sounds for bringing this and so much more incredible and original music to my attention in the first place - this blog has enriched so many lives and it will be a long time before another music blog can match it, if ever.

Didier Paquette said...

Hi Paul Harvey just found your request, I can join you with this mail,

Didier Paquette