Saturday, May 12, 2007


Recorded live and issued in microscopic quantities way back in '72 in order to help raise money for a drug clinic (or so I'm told), this fan-fucking-tastic thundering organ and drums basement prog duo have a distinct Egg edge to their sound at times, and a serious penchent for getting way the hell out there at others, the rudely distorted organ signal occasionally being shatted by electronics. Note: absolutely nowhere on this mid-90's bootleg reissue (not even on the run off grooves on the vinyl, which are violently scratched out) will you find an indication of which side is which, so I've arbitrarily chosen one side and labeled it A and the other B. If anyone knows the correct order (assuming this isn't it), please do tell...

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actuel said...

WOW! this is record is knocking my socks off!

mucho gracias

fuzztunnel said...

Try listening to this one and then the German Oak LP back to back.