Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Emerald Web-Dragons Wings and Wizard Tales,LP,1979,USA

Emerald Web was an American musical duet, made up of the husband-wife team of Bob Stohl and Kat Epple. Founded in 1978 and active through the 1980s, the Florida-based Stohl and Epple composed and recorded music in the New Age and electronica genres. In addition to recording their music and performing in concert, Emerald Web composed many television soundtracks, winning several Emmy Awards; they also composed music for a wide range of other applications, from films to planetarium shows. They received a Grammy nomination in 1986 for their album Catspaw.
Both Epple and Stohl were flautists; their flute-dominated music achieved a distinctive sound among New Age artists. Stohl was also noted for his musicianship on the Lyricon, a woodwind/synthesizer hybrid.
The partnership ended with Stohl's death by drowning in 1990, at the age of 34. Epple has continued to compose and record under her own name, as a solo artist and with the ensemble White Crow (1997). On her own and as part of Emerald Web, Epple has won eight Emmys and ten Addy Awards for work in advertising.
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Note this is their first ever release,not at all boring new age stuff.Excellent electronic compositions with much use of flutes and excellent female voice creating a dreamy spacey atmopshere .Imagine mid 70s Tangerine Dream combined with Ann Haslam dreamy vocal works.Recommented!

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Anonymous said...


I just wanted to say thanks! This is a very rare LP and was a cross over from electronic to subtle new age territory. I had this on tape back in the day and long since lost it.
Thanks for all the fantastic long lost electronic music gems your sharing with us.If it wasnt for blogs like yours this wonderful music would be lost forever in the void of todays ipod culture.

BTW I too compose electronic music:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post, there's an etheral quality about this new age gem. Some sequences are stunning.

FunkyMongoose said...

this is the most amazing album ever!

Anonymous said...

masterpiece! thanks for sharing!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful album. I like also their later works, "Catspaw" for example. According to AMG they released an album already in 1976 called "Whispered Vision". You have any more information about that one?

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I heard bits of this album and it sounded great. Can't wait to hear all of it. I love your blog!

Kat Epple said...

Thank you all for your generous comments about my early music!
"Whispered Visions" album was Emerald Web's 2nd album and was released in 1980 on cassette only.

I enjoy listening to the vintage synthesizers on "Dragon Wings and Wizard Tales" album. Even though it was recorded a long time ago, I think the music still holds up.

Anonymous said...

I bought DW&WT on vinyl & Whispered Visions on cassette from a store in Mountain View, CA, while on a business trip back in 1981 or '82.

I still have the LP, but lost the cassette many years ago - I still have the cassette box! Loved them both.