Saturday, May 12, 2007


An incredible lost chapter of the small but essential canon of spacy avant prog from the as-yet-unnamed Italian trajectory that includes Franco Battiato, Pierrot Lunaire, Franco Leprino, Arturo Stalteri and a handful of other like-minded cosmonauts. To that list of stunners, now add Francesco Curra. Sure, an understanding of the Italian language would aid quite a bit given the large helpings of verbiage being spewed here, but there's great delight to be found for us non-Italian speakers as well. Much of the credit here goes to NWW list artist Roberto Colombo, who adds "artistic direction" and "musical elaboration" to Curra's "melody and voice", the musical underpinnings to Curra's contributions often closely resembling the most avant garde-ish passages of the first four Battiato albums. Absolutely essential for anyone even remotely interested in this scene.

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Anonymous said...

Hi MS.
First , let me say that I love your blog. THE BEST ! I check it everyday. Great with the descriptions and info for each title. And many never heard of titles too,,, (at least for me)

My favorite..!! Keep up the good work!!


Milton said...

this Curra album is outstanding

Anonymous said...

Great great great!!!! thanks for this gem!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

any chance to reup??