Thursday, May 3, 2007

Gulaab-Ritt durch den Hades,tape,1979,Germany

Up to now, Gulaab has had a rather exceptional career: Living three years in the Himalayan kingdom Nepal, he worked as a guitarist for the legendary Boris of Kathmandu. Boris, a friend of king Birendra V of Nepal, provided culinary titbits to personalities coming from all over the world in his noble dining establishment. To finish the exclusive meal, each guest had the opportunity to order a "musical desert" from Gulaab's classical-Spanish guitar. Mountaineers, from Edmund Hillary to Reinhold Messner, ambassadors, politicians, including the king and his family, invited him to their table - a thousand and one nights in total...
In the Far East, Gulaab (Nepali word for "rose-flower") learns that not one single component in nature can exist without its counterpart. Building on this knowledge, he creates his music - a sound that moves into spheres but never fails to get back to earth, in other words: Spheric sounds, accompanied by vivid rhythms. To achieve this goal, he uses natural instruments such as flutes, African percussion, sitars and guitars, occasionally mingling these with synthetic sounds.

In his music, Gulaab transforms all his experiences into sounds: extensive travels all over the world, specially the Eastern Hemisphere, as well as experiences in the esoteric field.
Back in the west, Gulaab performs on stage, TV and radio. He not only composes music for dance - and theatre - productions but also tours with most of these groups, the largest project of which being "Mondaufgang" by the Swiss Dream-Circus Rigolo (Switzerland Tour 1990-1992). Apart from that he works on coproductions for radio-plays, together with the German author Gina Ruck-Pauquet, as well as composing and producing film-music. In 1985 he won the Bavarian broadcast "Zundfunk". Further productions: "Meine Lieder", "Live 1", "Live 2", "Die Blaue Blume", "Derr Narr", "Der Weg", "Die Stadt mit den Goldenen Dachern", "Ritt durch den Hades", "Styx".
Here's a P.Frohmander related guitarist,producing crazed out depressive,dark psych prog music!Would be glad to find more of his recordings.HIGHLY RECOMMENTED!

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ARF said...

No comments here ??

Maybe I'm wrong, but I believe that the whole thing has 17 tracks ... so some are missing. The last tracks are:

12 - Silberstern
13 - Ikaros
14 - Dana
15 - Das Vermächtnis des Derwisch
16 - Reinkarnation
17 - Heimkehr

Brain Damage said...

You're right, ARF. The complete 17 tracks tape can be found on the Krautrockteam blog here:

(password: gwyn)

Anonymous said...

this is just awesome!! i can listen to this all night. i guess it has a bit of the isb vibe but this is nuch more coherent and listenable and yet it never bores. the guitar runs are are atypical, some it suggests the likes of mike oldfield hergest ridge era - it ripples w/ a shimmer that is quite unique.
well done indeed.