Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Watch out...this utterly unknown blitzed, blissed acid folk mindbomb will slowly creep up on you and raze all your defenses, so authentically does this speak the language of psychedelic "knowing". This thing actually caused me to gasp at it's sheer wanton luxuriant beauty the first time I heard it. Imagine the most delicate moments of Ange receiving a Lord Krishna Von Goloka production and you'd be somewhere in the ballpark...

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Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to listening to this. Did he put out anything inbetween his "Qu'est Ce Que Le Dream" LP on Pathe in 1969 and this one? Asbjornsen says the Pathe is a beat poetry kind of deal.
-Lhasa Crawler

Anonymous said...

This is a cool one indeed! Thanks! I felt the oneness of it. This has that language of its own feeling and therefore makes it timeless for those listeners.

Great review too.

IO Moth Country USA

spacefreak said...

A great one. Thanks!

arbor said...

I am really enjoying digging through the archives here. This is one of my new favorite blogs

Anonymous said...

A new link to this album would be awesome! :-)