Friday, May 11, 2007


Mindbending, furious cosmic acid rock from perhaps the finest band to ever emerge from the Mexican underground. Imagine the most ecstatic note-showering climatic bits from Steve Hillage's Fish Rising and fuse that to the timbral and structural peculiarity of Spanish proggers Fusioon and you're getting close. Note: despite this being regarded as an LP, it only around 25 minutes in length.

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Anubis said...

Are you going to start using Sharebee again? It was much nicer for those of us who can't afford to purchase a Rapidshare account. I know it's probably rude of me to even ask, but you have the most interesting offerings in Blogland. It's just harder to keep up when limited to a few downloads per day by Rapidshare.
thanks for listening.

Anonymous said...

Download my album and tell me what sort of music it is:

vdoandsound said...

anubis-I've been re-posting the same message on different comment boards. Since you've not seen it before, here it is again:

Don't know what PC users are experiencing, but Sharebee hasn't worked for this mac user for about a week now. Every time I try to upload a file, the same message appears: "There was no file uploaded. Click here to try again." When they've resolved their issues, I'll revert back.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this one...I think they had a second one too, but not sure...anyway - thanks again

Anubis said...

Thank you.

I understand that Mac users get forgotten...having been one. I look forward to when Sharebee gets the bugs out.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Sharebee will ever get their bugs worked out, to be honest.

It's a very interesting idea and system, but unless they find a way to get more money, their business likely will collapse.

The latest news from them is that uploads are now limited to 100MB, which of course, is the same limitation as Rapidshare.

However, it would not at all be shocking to see Sharebee limiting uploads to 50-75MB by the end of the year.

Sharebee is, quite simply, overwhelmed by its sudden popularity, and without additional capital to finance what they do, I can't imagine Sharebee can last (at least not for free).

Electric Voodoo said...

Acid clowns on a merry-go-round in slow motion waving strangely at you...

steve said...

oh yeah!! one of the best

Jenneke said...

I have downloaded the album, but the last three tracks (there are 9 total) are lacking. I checked carefully and they are nowhere in the archive. The titles are:

7. Blue 7:01

8. Oriente Express 4:45

9. Las montanas de la Luna 3:20

I'd be happy if you could check this.

Thanks for one of the best informed blog on progressive music!

vdoandsound said...

Jenneke-those tracks must be bonus cuts from the late 90's CD reissue of this, as I transferred this LP myself, and what you have is the original album in it's entirety.