Monday, May 7, 2007

Jean-Francois Pauvros & Gaby Bizien-No Man's Land ,LP,1976,France

"...was recorded in the mid 70s, with Pauvros predominantly on guitar and Gaby Bizien mainly on drums, creating a terror noise music! ...this album is sometimes more violent than the most hard hitting jazz record ever recorded." File under strange/abstract Euro improv, very well done.

get this extrordinary LP here

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dipmong said...

hello mutant,
thanks for this intriguing album,(no mans land) im a huge fan of pauvros and this kind of thing generaly, no one can compete with you on any count for sheer variety, i come here almost daily,

i dont know how much you guys like ,classic euro free improv, a little at least,im sure(certainly its oddest shores) there a guy thats made some magnificent posts lately in that territory, some truly rare things, more euro focused with some avant rock crossover stuff, i should think you might want to check it out,and perhaps link him if you feel so moved.
hes at'jizzrelics"
and many many thanks