Saturday, May 5, 2007


The first of four albums (their full discography) which I'll be posting over the coming days, Dusty Lee's Kangaroo Kourt project is a pure collector-geek homage, explicitly tipping it's hat to (when it's not attempting to best) the work of Nurse With Wound and, especially on this debut of theirs, Mixed Band Philanthropist. Side B's Speed Kills But Venetian Blinds is the mirror image of Richard Rupenus' death-defying light speed dada collage technique on Mixed Band Philanthropist's Impossible Humane album (and for those not yet acquainted, drop everything and immediately acquire this from Jim's post of it back in's like Sylvie and Babs on amphetamines). Side A's effected morass of bowed metal screeing is effective up to a point, but it's Side B and the work to follow on ensuing KK posts in the coming days that get to the heart of Dusty Lee's brilliance. Dig it.

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John P said...

Thank you, thank you!

Kim Scarborough said...

See here for Atmospheric Distortions. I was going to post Interstellar Static, too, but I have a feeling you're going to beat me to that.

brendan said...

they actually have a 5th album
it's called "live radio collage"!