Monday, May 7, 2007

Not Only Bones-st,Tape,1984,Greece

Great Greek minimal synth band from early to mid 80s.Sombre melancholic atmosphere,disturbing sometimes, in the vein of Snowy Red,some Dark Day hints,also Transparent Illusion's DIY electronics touch here and there.The band consisted of a Greek member ,Yannis Raikos, and a French member,Philippe Mignon.They met in France where Raikos was a student and they collaborated in 2 tape releases(released after Raikos return to Greece in 1984).The 2nd tape (Axel Romain),is coming very soon.HIGHLY RECOMMENTED!
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Anonymous said...

I've really fallen in love with the Picky Picnic tape you posted a few months ago, do you have any more from them or anything related? Possibly their LP, Ha! Ha! Tarachine?

Thank you guys for all the hard work!

vdoandsound said... problem...I'll get Ha! Ha! Tarachine posted w/in a few days...

v said...

Not Only Bones >> 10+++

Iannis said...

Leave a message if you want the latest work of Not Only Bones:ERODUS, The eyes of the hidden Gods.
Cheers, Iannis Raikos (I'm still in life)

mutantsounds said...

sure i will love the latest work of Not Only Bones
Jim Mutantsounds