Thursday, May 17, 2007

Outer Limits-A Boy Playing the Magical Bugle Horn,CD,1986,Japan

This is one of the most original Japanese progrock bands, they were active in the Eighties and made a serie of interesting albums. Most of them contain classical sounding keyboards, cheerful violinplay, Japanese (and some English) vocals and many waves of Mellotron. The most obvious hints are KING CRIMSON (Mellotron and guitar), UK (keyboards and violin) and PFM (classical sound and violin).
"Misty Moon" (’85) has a strong classical undertone but somewhat mediocre vocals, "A Boy Playing the Magical Bugle Horn" (’86) sound more varied and original but my favorite album is "The Scene of Pale Blue" (’87). The mindblowing titletrack contains all the elements that makes progrock worth listening: captivating skills on guitar and violin, many changing climates, great build ups and moving finales and compelling keyboardplay (majestic Mellotron eruptions). The other tracks showcase OUTER LIMITS’ maturity in composing and include lots of great instrumental passages. Another fine album is "The Silver Apples on the Moon" (’89): recorded live in the studio and featuring their best work (although "The Scene of Pale Blue" is an abridged version).
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Princess Sparkle Pony said...

May I go off-topic for a second?

I just received the brand-new Diana Rogerson CD from Durtro, and it's one of the most gorgeous and hypnotic records I've heard in some time. I heartily encourage all Mutant Sounds fans to purchase this incredibly beautiful album. Quite a contrast from her earlier work!

Krautrock fans will be startled to realize that one of the tracks is a cover of Ash Ra Tempel's "Flowers Must Die."

Simply amazing.