Sunday, May 6, 2007

PGR / Thessalonians - The Black Field,LP,1989,USA

Continuing explorations in Kim Cascone/PGR projects,here's their collaboration with Thessalonians(another Kim Cascone project actually),as requested.Some real sonic scraping material here for you music concrete fans. Atonal waves of sound for metaphysical ponderings. (ND mag. review).
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Anonymous said...

Please post PGR's "Cyclone par l'immobile habite" album. I love Side 2 of that one. Thanks!

noisepress said...

thank you very much mutantsounds!
amazing sounds, just unbelievable work!

possible request: anything from Voice Farm (San Francisco)? - The World We Live In 1982 or ST album?

thanx again!
cheers from bulgaria!