Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Pink Industry-Who Told You, You Were Naked?,LP,1983,UK

Pink Industry followed the split of Pink Military and was just Jayne Casey and Ambrose Reynolds and Tadzio. They had the first release on Zulu Records 'Is This The End/47/Don't Let Go/Final Cry' ZULU-1 a 12' EP in Feb 1982. Zulu were based above a shop in Bold Street
This was followed by the truly wonderful (even now 20yrs later) album 'Low Technology' ZULU#2 which got a 4 star review in Sounds at the time.
This was followed by the 12' 'New Beginning's.
The album 'Who Told You, You Were Naked' followed and was the groups last release. An overlooked masterpiece of moody and dark experimental post punk soundscapes. A spooky wonderland.
A compilation album came out 'Cathexis Recordings' on the Cathexis Recordings label9Based in Glasgow) in 1988 CRL 18 - though due to poor distribution was not easy to get hold of. This was re-released in 1990/91 on CD though titled 'Retrospective', came out on the Parade Amoreuse label which was based (I think) in Belgium odd label that also put out stuff by Nocturnal Emissions and Muslimgauze. Another CD comp came out on another European label New Naked Technology (Compilation CD) (Cri Du Chat Disques 1995) .
A fan web site for Pink Military/Industry exists with MP3 samples go to www.acromar.demon.co.uk/pink.htm
Nicky Hilton from PM is now known as Nicky Tuit and works in Film and TV music.
On a personal point Pink Industry were one of the finest bands ever to emerge from the L'Pool punk scene, a band that never received the credit they were due. Perhaps the finest was 'Low Technology' and the track 'Don't Let Go' I did once write to Jayne to enquire as to who holds the rights to the material, but I never got a reply. Maybe she doesn't want it to be available who knows. If anyone ever see's any of their stuff - buy it! The owner/buyer at Hairy Records in Bold St offered serious money for mine - but he aint gettin it.
Ambrose Reynolds - Released the mimi LP (The World's) Greatest Hits' on Zulu ZULU#3, this was a vinyl release of the tape first put out by M'Chester based New Hormones Records in 1982 .

get it here
Low Technology LP coming soon.


mike said...

excellent! just found out about this album today and was interested in listening to it, and as soon as i check in here, it's on the front page! thanks a ton, again and again!

joisymikes said...

Do you have or want a copy of Zulu #3? It's all tape collage like, with a lot of Kennedy assassination news samples, etc.

Anonymous said...

Parade Amoureuse was a german label.

funnyglory said...

cri du chat disques was a Brazilian label..

olznillz said...

Just a correction, this was not their last album. New Beginnings was actually a full length album. A great one I might add..


have a nice day =)