Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Space Circus-Fantastic Arrival ,LP,1979,Japan

A progressive fusion band straying into cosmic territory, with prominent Moog, violin & guitar.

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Jude said...

the opening track is titled, "Heavy Duty Space Dragon"...THAT is a clear indication as to how awesome this record is!

Anonymous said...

hi mate,
may be you haeve any ?

Rainbow Generator - Endings [Oz 78]
Rainbow Generator - Origins [Oz 77]
Rainbow Generator - Quantum Mechanix [Oz 79]
Rainbow Generator - Tincantations [Oz 78]

thx in advance

Anonymous said...

Hello, Mutants!
This blog is best, Really hard work.
A small request:
Hansson & Karlsson- "Monument"(1968) ,"Rex"(1969)