Tuesday, May 1, 2007


Continuing blogs exploration to Werkbund's discography ,here's another great LP,from 1992.Excellent electronic/industrial soundtrack for nightmares,once again!

***************NEW LINK POSTED OCTOBER 2012***************

Get it here  


Anonymous said...

Hello and many thanks for this and many other posts on your 'mysteriously'wonderful blog!You've mentioned that Werkbund's albums were posted not only here. If you only could reveal us those secret places!:) Anyway you're did a great job! We are 'fans' of such profoundly hidden gems from Moscow, Russia. Daniel and Alexander. emynona@mail.ru

somafree said...

superb album!

i have a request:
the self-titled album by "Kahtatonios" on a one-off label called "Lashtal".

this album has been linked to werkbund and walter ulbricht schallfolien. apparently because all copies seemed to originate from uli rehberg's legendary shop in hamburg.