Friday, June 1, 2007

Andriessen Jurriaan-The Awakening Dream,LP,1977,Netherlands

Very rare album by the Dutch composer Jurriaan Andriessen, brother of the famous Dutch avantgarde composer Louis Andriessen. Jurriaan didn’t compose the culturally correct modern classical music, and went his own way. Here he composed a loungy space moog suite called “The Awakening Dream”. He played all synths himself ( Moog, Mini moog, Fender rhodes, Clavinet, Organ, Schultze Phase) Trippy and surprisingly good album sometimes very OST-like. Weird keyboards & samples all over the place.

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interfail said...

hallo zusammen!

eure geniale site hab ich erst kürzlich bemerkt und wollte fragen, ob ihr nicht auch von louis andriessen was auf "lager" (zb de tijdt, de stijl, de materie, de staat) hättet.

if german writing is unwanted pls say so

und dankeschön!!!

mutantsounds said...

sorry interfail,i don't understand german...

interfail said...

okidoki, then in english (just thought you were germanspeaking because of your german posts ;-))

i wanted to know whether you have any albums of louis andriessen as well (eg de tijdt, de stijl, de materie, de staat - he's dutch as you know...) in your archive?

would be greatly appreciated!

Anonymous said...

been enjoying The Awakening. actually was good for sleep time for my 21 month old.
there is some determined beauty in there.
thanks for this and so so so much more so far.
been a real universe expander these past couple of months.
just adding one small addendum to Jurriaan's story...apparently he liked long projects and one of them was to hold developing his breath holding capacity in weekly sessions at his local swimming pool. this was over a period of years and his time under grew longer and longer. until it ended in his accidental death in 1991 at the age of 40 when he passed out under water and no one discovered his situation till it was too late.....

Matthew said...

Do you have Hardware Software by any chance?

Great post!

photocat said...

Hi, Great you give some attention to this record. It's made in our, then just build, home studio. Recorded on two Revox 38cm taperecorders. When you want to know more you can contact me.


Nils Andriessen

photocat said...

b.t.w. the guy who passed away at 40 in the water was the son of Jurriaans brother Nico, not Jurriaan himself. He passed away august 23, 1997.

Gijs Andriessen said...

Next year 2015, Jurriaan Andriessen would be 90 years old. As my brother said, my nephew that died swimming was another artist. My father was 70 when he passed away.
We all worked together on this álbum , my father, brother and I.
Best, Gijs Andriessen