Friday, June 1, 2007

Lunapark-Gefangene Vögel,LP,1982,Germany

Very rare and great NDW/Cold wave LP from Germany.No much infos found in the web.In the vein of Sad Lovers and Giants,Schleimer K,English Subtitles,etc.Sorry no pic sleeve scans(any help is much appreciated).

get it here


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Lunapark. Great stuff!

shiva said...

Hope this helps

Images and track listings

1001 said...

pic sleeve:

thank you

arbeitslooser said...

thanks a bloody lot for this album!! you're awesome! never thought i'd get my mitts on this again! yes the link still works, so you know WHERE you must upload your stuff :) all others would've killed it off long ago.

TPA said...

i love you. you don't know how.

teenageartrocker said...

Greatest Blog site on the web. Nice to see some of my old Glass Records releases up there too (yes I was that man)..... Leave them up there - you have my blessing.
Regards DB