Sunday, June 10, 2007


Giorbino has long been one of the standard bearers of the proactively ludicrous wing of the Neue Deutsche Welle scene, though the doink-o-meter readings aren't nearly as off the charts here as they were on his more explicitly Residential earlier work. Nevertheless, this is still every bit as stunning a specimen in it's own more subtly queer way, with residual Sky Records influences appealingly seeping back into Giorbino's musical grammar.

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luciano - mac from italy said...

what happenned??!!
today I openned your blog, ( the first blog in the list of my superstar-blogs) and i can't download !!
I have Mac X, two accounts (with RS and MuL), but when I go to MassMirror, and click over one of the links, I get a page just to upload, not download,
Where I am wrong?, or just like in the dark past days, the Mac is out again ?
anyway, often the best and always among the best blogs with the "sounds" I like most.
TIA for a kind explanation

Anonymous said...

What's your browser?


If what you say is true (and not a mistake), never forget that Apple has more reason and therefore incentive to screw with people who use ShareBee and MassMirror.

After all, it is they - not Microsoft - who wants your business at iTunes. There is no Microsoft equivalent to iTunes, as far as I know.

Both ShareBee and MassMirror work fine with MS XP.

Anonymous said...

to whom it may concern (vdoandsound/mutantsounds):
I demand you upload some Palo Alto

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the MassMirror interface. Why not try Mediafire, just like Wiel's blog (NL) ?

Mush said...

ooh, just caught up with this one. Very strange and good!