Sunday, June 10, 2007


As promised, here is the first of Dusty Lee's post Kangaroo Kourt mellotron (and occasionally doom) laden miasmas garlanded with ghostly filaments of female vocal treacle whose snaky tendrils swarm about inside these various vaporous landscapes in a somewhat Sally Smmit-like fashion.

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Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks much for Dark Flowers. There was actually one s/t LP before Dark Flowers which consisted of two side-long pieces (unless I'm remembering the chronology wrong). Had garish handmade covers...I believe of a woman smoking (the copy I used to own) in similar fashion; red vinyl.

Thanks for this.

Mars said...

Apparently they chugged on for a while after (from discogs)

Mauve Sideshow (CD) Ventricle 1993

Meet Me In The Wasteland (CD, Album)
Ventricle 1994

The Girl (CD) Ventricle 1994

Blood Will Tell (CD) Ventricle 1997

Apparently they all follow the same mode represented here: Free floating psyche clouds of mellotronic mustard gas.

fuzztunnel said...

So much for First Nation.

Mars said...

I scored 'Blood Will Tell' recently and will be posting it on my own totally dead blog. Anyone have / know where to get the others?

The Cornbread Hour said...

Reupload! (please!)