Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Blue Humans - Clear to Higher Time,CD,1993,USA

With a line up consisting of Rudolf Grey,Alan Licht and Tom Surgal,with guests Jim Sauter(Bobertomagus) and Arthur Doyle,and a production of Thuston Moore(Sonic Youth),what should you exrect here?Artsy avant/noise jazz in Zorn,Bobertomagus vein in it's best!Bumbling, goofy, 'n' mostly jazzy drums with one amazing avant guitarist in each ear (Alan Licht's right channel is especially pulverizing). Each individual second on this record sounds practically thee same, each statement is entirely new. A blue joy of human minds.A reall classic.
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geoffrey said...

thanks for the constant flow of mindbending jams...

could you possibly post some music by the german shepherds?

you mentioned them in comparison to something you posted last week...i forget what.

been curious to hear them after a sparkling recommendation from a friend.


Kevin said...

also enjoyed this a great deal. actually, I've been enjoying a lot of material from the blog a great deal, but haven't commented until now for whatever reason. anyway, great stuff, thanks!

Ochyming said...


Do you have SMILE by Joseph Suchy?
Hope I am not being pushy!