Friday, June 8, 2007

Massmirror Vs Rapidshare Issues

Since a big issue was made here with massmirror and rapidshare let me myself explain why i prefer rapidshare:
1.Rapidshare is still the most reliable host.I've tried Sharebee and proved to be total crap.Massmirror seems to be ok...for NOW.I don't know how it will be in a week or two.Those continously growing waiting times make me very suspicious.So i want some more time till i make a decision...massmirror has to prove it's stability and reliability.
2.Since our time is limited(and mine possibly more than Eric's) and uploading one by one files takes much time.Rapidshare with rapidupload offers the option of massive uploads....using massmirror will make me spent more time on blog and "steal" this time from my family or time of rest( i already sleep about 4-5 hours per day due to blog...imagine what happens if i have to make uploads one by one).Someone could say lower the daily posts....that's totally out of question...i love music and i think both Eric and me have many many stuff to offer.A blog with one post per day or per week etc is a dead blog.Music is one of the things i could kill for or give my life for and i want to spread good music (IMHO) as much as possible....Besides the posts are from too many genres that no one is obliged to d/l all our daily posts.I hope you understand why i'm still on rapidshare...BUT once Massmirror proves it's stability and reliability i will turn to this .
Thanks for your support and love.
Jim Mutantsounds


Anonymous said...

i like rapidshare it´s easy and faster, the only shit is the time of "caducity" of the links, but anyway it´s fine...
thanks for all great music.

Anonymous said...

thank you jim and eric!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jim,
i'm very much impressed with your statements on the personal side. i too love music, but - it shows - not as much as you do. life goes first on my priority list.
again, my deepest thanks for all the great music you guys share - Darek, Poland

Anonymous said...

Yeah ... you helped me to make a choice : Massmirror is my vote ...

Jozef said...

thank you guys for this blog!

steve said...

yeah! you people should just pay a few bucks then you wont have to wait and stop complaining about too many uploads...jeez

Anonymous said...


Do what ever works best for you and the rest of us will follow based on the merrits of your very unique taste in music and sharing it with the rest of us for free. I have been on your site for weeks now and still cannot believe some of the rare prog(FM) and electronica(Pond/Hideki Matsutastke)that I have found.
Keep up the good work.

mondo said...

Calculate the sum it cost to get a premium account on rapidshare with what you get here on this blog for free...
Yeah, totally worth every crappy $$ (€ for me) it costs...

But thats perhaps just me??

Anonymous said...

What about MediaFire???

Ian said...

In the event you haven't investigated, allows multiple uploads and is fairly quick at it. I'm not sure how long they host the files, however.

Also, they don't limit your downloads during a certain time period.

Anonymous said...

Jim and Eric,

I think the other risk here is something no one has even brought up yet.

Imagine a new visitor coming to your blog later this year, like September or October.

Now imagine all your links are MassMirror.

It would be so much easier for new people to the blog to download what they like immediately with Rapidshare premium than having to wait for EVERY FILE with MassMirror.

Using Rapidshare would especially be helpful for new visitors or people trying to catch up with the blog contents.

Maybe MassMirror will release a multi-file uploader for their site, but I kind of doubt it. They're already getting hit big time or else they wouldn't have introduced wait periods.

Even ShareBee never has had wait periods, I don't believe. However, since Eric's browser doesn't like ShareBee, Rapidshare would be my choice for best file host.

Thanks again for everything, guys! Appreciate your hard work!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're not cutting down on the number of posts. In the beginnng I downloaded everything because I didn't know if I would enjoy that genre or not. Now I do more selective downloading. Personally I like Rapidshare. It's cheap and dependable. Thanks so much for introducing me to many more genres of music and for the excellence of your posts.

ross said...

i can't imagine this life w/o ever getting to hear the PARASITES OF THE WESTERN WORLD or INDEX albums. immense gratitude to you guys for expanding further the sense of what's possible to express via sound.

vote: Rapidshare, yes, please. if it ain't broke....

llanero_solitario said...

thanks a lot for sharing all your stuff. hard to find, rare, from your vaults. I appreciate your work. THANKS ! ....
I prefer rapidshare, the best service for much. It's worth for a few dollars,

Anonymous said...


Laura said...

Whatever works best for you, just keep the wonderful music coming!

Loopy C said...

My opinion is...whatever works best for you, both as an uploading and a protective service for your links. This blog continues to blow my mind daily so whatever keeps YOU interested (as in transparent usability and effort) then that's my vote. I will adapt accordingly as the material here is just to good to be 'picky' (buy the account folks for whatever is favored, you have still gained by untold bounds!!!).

Your biggest fan, Loopy C :-{)

Anonymous said...

I for one am totally happy with rapid share, yours is the best music blog i have ever come accross and whatever method you choose to uplaod and share your amazing collections is fine by me. I'm just gratefull that you take the time and effort to do this!

cheers Mik

adrian said...

i download selectively anyway. i stick mostly to the minimal synth and post-punk stuff. it is really those bent on downloading EVERYTHING you upload that have issues.

i also suggest you check out i mean, i've said it in the past, but now that all of this voting stuff is going on and more people are coming forth and suggesting it...i'll back them up. :)

but whatever works for you. thanks for the time you spend uploading stuff. i appreciate it a lot!

component said...

yes I really appreciate all that you do on this blog - it's a fantastic resource.
i'm with rapidshare premium and that works well but i'm not hung up on it - if something else comes along that suits you better then fine.
great stuff

Anonymous said...

Uhh looks like MassMirror upgraded (no more waiting!)

Oh and according to their blog, they also have more servers to support even more uploads now.

actuel said...

just to echo a similar sentiment, do what you need to do.

i think rapidshare is a great and viable sharity service. i personally have been loving for some time. it is very similar to rapidshare but has less restrictions and more features...they even allow for groups. for example: . also, shares remain up. no moneys involved and a larger upload limit (200mb me thinks).

you may consider it.

cheers fellow mutants!

Mystery Poster said...

M-S says: "A blog with one post per
day or per week etc is a dead blog."

THANKS for the indirect insult, Jim.
I have been busy but still have a pulse!

Should I no longer post because:
The Mighty Mutant-Sounds...
..pronounces when other blogs are done?

Today I return with some sweet rarities:

The Spiders "Back" Mexico 1970


You - s/t (7") USA 19??
Model Citizens - s/t (7" EP) USA 1979
You Suck! - s/t (7") USA 1983
Chemicals Made From Dirt - s/t (7" EP) USA 1980

What will I use? Massmirror.

- - -

Keep up the madness people, no one.....
..can keep up with you, ever, that's ok!


~The Living "Dead" Mystery Poster

Theo said...

Have you thought about

I dont understand why people dont use it.. No adverts, waiting times or limits and great d/l rates. And it doesnt make you pay.
You should consider it!

Just a suggestion.

DaveX said...

I initially voted for MassMirror as well, but I have to back up the folks telling you about MediaFire. That's a damn fine service. It's free, its unlimited, and they host without a limit. I'm using it, and experience quick uploads and downloads. I can't see why you don't use this already, to be honest! --DaveX

Leandro Albuquerque said...

Oh friend, Rapidshare makes me crazy, heheheh... well, but no problems! Do you know Badongo? It looks kike a good host, from Portugal... who knows?
That's ok, if I can't buy these records and I don't want to pay for a good plan in Rapidshare, what's the problem to wait for download? your posts are very good, so I decided wait!

Thank you!!

actuel said...

take it in stride 'Mystery Poster'. i love M-S and have a good relationship with Jim, but his instance that blogs that post less than a minimum of several shares a week seems ridiculous to me. i mean i'm all about him and his croonies taking time out of their lives and sharing the love here, but i personally don't see the need to be that prolific.

my goal over at is 6 posts a month. sometimes i do more, sometimes less. i do this mainly because i hold the belief that the less you serve the more 'it' can be digested. for example the 4 posts i posted on May 14 are averaging 400 downloads. versus over a year ago i was sharing about 15 shares a month but wasn't getting the same amount download counts on average.

that may not mean much to everyone but its my preference that folks 'really' dig into the music and not to just accumilate and give it a listen or two. obviously this is a gross generalization and some people delve much deeper into certain shares but it serves my point.

like with M-S i snag everything and then throw it into a playlist and just try to get to it when i can, let alone keep up with the other hot blogs out there serving up other hot shares. for example, i pointed out to Jim and Eric that the Ian MacFarlane had some audio defects in the recording. thanks to Eric's generosity he re-upped a cleaner version (thanks again eric). but this recording is over April 8...i'm that far behind. but i'm not a skimmer and wonder why didn't anyone else note this? are folks really listening? we know they're downloading... there are some monster gems here posted everyday, you'd have to devote many hours to fully digest all these shares.

anyway, i'm happy to reap the rewards of M-S's prolificness and am certainly not bitching but i would take jim's judgement about other blogs being dead unless they post a share a day with a grain of salt. thats just how he feels and his standards. establish what's comfortable for you and your fan base.

meanwhile, i'll still be listening, downloading, uploading, and enjoying or no post (it's really not that important, ya know!)

cheers and as always big props to Mutant folks!