Monday, June 4, 2007


Following Jim's post of their second album "Music From Left Field" a while back, here's Cartoon's headspinning debut. Plying top notch prog in the midst of post punk's heyday, Cartoon was not a band bound to to be celebrated during their lifetime, but they're rightly been retrospectively judged to be amongst the finest prog proponents that the United States has had to offer from any era, their ferocious work hybridizing snatches of King Crimson and Zappa with a species of relentless and very American sympho-proggery that has a certain akin to the Lift album posted by Jim a while back. This group would eventually transform into the also quite excellent PFS, whom Jim has also posted work by, but for my money, they never bettered this initial salvo.

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Anonymous said...


For God's sake, please take a leaf from Jim's tome and go back to using RapidShare solely. MassMirror has gone to a timed, ad-supported interface, and many of the links offered are dead on arrival. Perhaps "success" has swamped them too... In any event, the annoyance level has suddenly surged beyond all reason. I'm grateful for the music, but please find a new way to upload it. This is nearly as bad as Megaupload!

With Respect,

A. Sufferer

vdoandsound said...

A. Sufferer-In some respects, it turns out that you're right. While massmirror's new timed interface works perfectly with the safari browser on my mac, having tested the massmirror links following your comments on two seperate PC's with two different browsers at my father's business office, I can attest that while it worked on one of the Widows browsers, it didn't work on both, the latter having neither the countdown nor the links appear. If massmirror have not ironed out this glitch in a day or two, I'll swap out all the massmirror links with rapidshare links instead. I'll keep checking on the PC at the business office to check for developments over the next few days...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this rare album!

Jonas said...

Thanks alot...!!!
A really nice discovery for me.


fuzztunnel said...

Whiffs of Pro Pocit Jistoty's piano pounding also in evidence. Wild wild stuff. Thanks for this!