Monday, June 4, 2007


Bustling and super punchy Neue Deutsche Welle that, with it's decided mutant funk undergirding and mucho use of wonky horn charting owes a great deal more to the Downtown NY scene of the era than the work of their German contemporaries. Whatever the case, this is still an invigorating blast of fun.

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Leandro Albuquerque said...

That's great, I was searching some of these records for a long time, here in Brasil is completely impossible to meet bands like Flucht Nach Vorn and almost all of these uploaded works, and when I get to search is very expansive, that I need to chose eat or buy a CD on the month! Even Arrigo Barnabé, Patife Band and some others eletronic artists presented here are completely unknown and ignored in my country! Thanks for your respect and to put together with these great artists!

I don't know where to find some rare and unknown artists from France:
Geins't Nait
Persona Non Grata
Dick Tracy
If you can help me, I would be very happy!!!

Best Blog!!!!