Saturday, June 9, 2007

Decisions,explanations and misunderstandings

Hello all
first i'd like to inform you that today it's my last day on Rapidshre server ,since i will turn to massmirros,after it's great progress in hosting services.
Secondly ,i think some other bloggers may have missunderstood what i wrote yesterday about posting and dead blogs,etc.When saying that blog posting 1 post per day is a dead blog i was reffering to MY thoughts for MY blog.No intention to insult anyone.I love all those blogs that re mentioned in my blogroll and as listener i'm always visiting most of them at least twice a week to check new uploads,infos,etc.I love to see new rare and great items u/l there and would be very sorry if some will close down.I never thought of my blog as "the king of blogs" really...i contribute as much as possible.As a music lover ,i am always hungry for new unheard stuff.That's what i'm doing with vinyl records too(remember myself when i was not buying at least 5 records per week ,feeling very miserable).So guys PLEASE don't get me's all a matter of big concern for all those great and important blogs out there.
Music is my life and will still be till the end of my existance ,that's for sure.
Thanks again to all of you and feel very sorry if i ever insulted anyone....i wasn't intent to do so...
respect to all of you
Jim Mutantsounds


Anonymous said...

"I never thought of my blog as "the king of blogs" really..." mr.mutantsounds

you ought to, you earned the title

mutantsounds said...

no...i did not earn anything...the whole thing started s a kind of did this!this blog is your matter who's posting...without you all nothing would have happened...i really appreciate all the good words and courage you give me

Anonymous said...

keep up with the vinyl lps!!!

Anonymous said...

"Posted by mutantsounds"

i see your name, not mine :)

you are the one burning neurons for someone else's pleasure

Theo said...

thank you for the change to MassMirror!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to reply late. This is the king of blogs. (In my humble opionion) Yeah, I like to spell. Awesome. You could post your downloads taped to a rock and still be great. Thanks.
William Falls

Alex said...

The best blog of LP's, sure. I like the art covers but Where I meet the back cover of Mezquita album?

Alex said...

definitely the best blog of LP's. but Where i meet the Mezquita back cover?