Saturday, June 9, 2007

MASSMIRROR NOT ONLY WINS, BUT AWAY GO THE WAIT TIMES!'s a few hours before the official 48 hour cut off, but beyond the fact that Massmirror has garnered over twice as many votes as Rapidshare up 'til now is a lovely little detail you might have already noticed. In their words:

"First off let us just say that the download wait was there to take load off of the site while we upgraded our servers and software to provide more stability and speed. Wait times were never part of our plan here at and we are proud to say they are no longer a part of the site."

Guess that pretty much puts that issue to bed, eh? My next round of posts will follow tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

That's good news! I like that they are trying to improve too.

I love all the post here at Mutant Sounds. I can't thank you guys enough for the great sounds you have brought to us!

Mutant Sounds posts so much good stuff you really can't miss with anything you download there. It is such a cool place!

your humble fan

The Gosub Routine said...


I'm glad massmirror seems to be working out, as 'rapidshare' from the general customers point of view was pretty lame.

I don't suppose that means you'll be changing all the links to you're 'whole' blog catalogue to suit the new breakthrough (heh heh-wouldn't that take you weeks/months??).



ommyth said...

I voted against MassMirror, but I'm down with the decision, especially now that the service seems to have righted itself.

Can't even begin to complain, what with the 1,300-odd reasons to celebrate you've given...

Upward and Onward,


borealist said...

thanx for that S.B.O.T.H.I. record!!! i knew this band from a Sound Of Pig compilation cassette...
Please I need the albums of Demonios Tus Ojos and Mar Otra Vez... men, you should listen this eighties Spanish bands!!

Magas said...

I'm totally blown away by this blog, and through you, other great blogs. It has stirred a bloodthirst not felt in some time. Thank you so much!

Whatever host you choose, I will follow!