Monday, June 11, 2007

Eloiteron-Lost Paradise,LP,1981,Switzerland

ELOITERON is in the class of Swiss bands that carried prog into the '80's.
They are a keyboard lover's band, including lots of mellotron. The '70s prog influences are there, especially in the Steve Hackett inspired guitar work. The closest comparison is another Swiss band, Flame Dream.
New territory is covered in more dissonant guitar sounds, and solo trumpet. There is also flute, strings and grand piano.
"Lost Paradise" is the band's only release. Shorter songs, and slick production are indicative of the times. The focus is on the instrumentals, rather than vocals (by all accounts, this is a good thing).
Ht Riekels (bhikkhu)
From ProgArchives
A rather good symphonic progressive LP,with some Camel influences,much use of mellotron ,flute and horns nd with some jazzy edges.Much essential.

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Anonymous said...

wow great to see this kind of obscure proggy stuff here too. gets better every day!

bhikkhu said...

It might have been nice if you had asked my permission before using the biography I wrote.


Francis Jan said...

J'ai beaucoup apprécié la variété des passages à l'intérieur des morceaux. Tout n'est pas parfait mais l'ensemble se tient tout à fait !