Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Yeah yeah, you say....
another Jean-Francois Pauvros album. Well, have a gander at the line up here and think again. While this is Pauvros' album in name, these warped sessions are the product of three distinct maverick sensibilities beyond one-time Catalogue member and latter day Keiji Haino sparring partner Pauvros': Arto Lindsay (DNA), Ted Milton (Blurt) and Terry Day (Alterations), with Arto's scribble scrabble guitar vocabulary seamlessly entwined within Paurvos' prickly, spindly string extensions as Milton and Day engage in a disjointed roundelay of sax splat and loonily declamatory vocalese. Sick, touched-in-the-head sounding stuff and a real high point in Nato Record's roster of curiosities.

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Tom said...

I'm fairly certain an equal number said "Hell YEAH!"

Awesome... An excellent day of posts overall. Many thanks.


sotise said...

yes indeed, wonderful stuff there just aint enough pauvros anywhere
many thanks

Graham said...

I requested this one on an earlier post of one of Pauvros' albums and then it appeared here 3 days later. Thank you for your trouble.

Pauvros is new to me. I clearly have some catching up to do. Astounded by what I've heard of him on your site. Delicacy, ferocity ... mathematics ... And I have loved Arto's atonal rhythmic clang since DNA and it sounds great here. The "vocalese" is going to take little wearing in, but I think I'll come around to it after a couple of listens. Thanks again.

ChokeMosley said...

I like the mellow trash vibes. keeps the weirdness lonely.