Thursday, June 7, 2007


Odd, dense and moody, the somewhat claustrophobic, thudding and reverb soaked post punk arrangements of this Swiss crew take a while to fully assimilate, but there's a real potency to some of this and it continues to gather steam as it progresses, finally culminating with the forbidding closing track "Bamboo", whose baleful vibes are worthy of the Swans recordings of this era.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. FYI, the name of the artist is Dressed Up Animals, not Strizzi Rizzi.

vdoandsound said...

Anonymous-thanks for letting me know. You see if referred to both ways online, so I never knew for sure before. I've corrected the post now...

Anonymous said...

Great band! The same guy had other bands, Löwenherz and Noblesse Oblige; there was a double LP, but unfortunately I don't have it :(...

btw: The song "horse with blinders" from Dressed Up Animals is on the double lp sampler "definitiv zürich" from 1986.

Thanx a lot!!

Anonymous said...

can you re-upload this file via rapidshare. The massmirror-link
doesn't work. Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

I own this great LP I'm sorry, but the correct name of this artist is Strizzi Rizzi. You can read on the back cover: "All songs by " and "Produced by ".

Anonymous said...

Dressed up Animals 1984
Karl Löwenherz und Christoph Columbus

Dressed up Animals 1985
Strizzi Rizzi was used as a Synonym for someone
who likes to walk the streets at night in a angelic strong manner.

Drums: Üse Hiestand ( Young Gods )
Voice: Regula Steiner, on - Love does not remain
Voice / Instruments: Karl Löwenherz

Recordings: Heiri Vogel ( Taxi )

more on Myspace:
Dressed up Animal / The wild Flowers`song