Sunday, April 13, 2008


2nd Mason Jones Offering:
A group in Kyoto by Female percussion player, guitar and bass with a lot of electronichs, and female mysterious vocals .Hiroshi Funato (ex SIGHTS) plays bass here. Although playing mostly in Kyoto,their career and mysterious world are talked about in many kinds of fields. Tunes full of irregular beats like those sound on "Recommended Label", entwine with the percussions who reminds one of Chris Cutler, and the world brimming with tension and emotion is built by meaningful lyrics and vocals with rich expression.
Great avant gardish pop music with much use of electronics and percussion and a great strange female voice.

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Anonymous said...

Hiroshi Funato plays also in duet with the vocalist Junko Fuchigami,simple and wonderfull music.

gidouille said...

Thanks, very glad to get this one, I've been looking for it for a few years. I have their other two releases Uchu and RocQ. Era Mari's kit playing reminds me more of Guigou Chenevier than Cutler, their signature tune on Uchu has a sprung rhythm which even brings to mind Etron Fou's Larika. Still, at least on the ones I have, she plays vibes more often than kit drums, and her clean lines are a bit reminiscent of Walt Dickerson's approach. The band's name btw is Bidziliba not Biziriba.

Sean said...

Really liking this album. Thanks for putting this up!

Sean said...

gidouille, I would love to get in touch about getting a copy of the other albums. Really dig this album and can't find a way to get the other copies. You can reach me at: seanrco (at) gmail (dot) com


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this! This is a really excellent album. I'd love to hear more from this group.

spinalfrog said...

Great album! I love the touch of that marimba in there.

I've been following your blog for a while, and haven't bothered to leave comments until now... but I really love most of the music you've got. Thanks for having a great site!

Anonymous said...

Please re-upload this again. Great blog,keep up!