Sunday, April 6, 2008

Chas Rose-Child Of The Universe,LP,1976,Australia

Excellent psych folk LP,with great vocal parts,dulcimer, and some female vocals too.Reminds me much of Pearls Before Swine and Nick Drake. Much melancholic yet wonderfull. Should appeal to fans of Nick Drake, Duncan Browne, Steve Tilston, Vashti Bunyan, Midwinter, Caedmon, Dennis Ryder, the current crop of folk like Devendra Banhart, Sufjan Stevens, Joanna Newsome, other similar gentle folk pop records.

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arbor said...

nice, thanks for this

jer0nim0 said...

Amazing! This is one of the rarest records of it's kind from Australia = of all the record mafia guys here I know, none have actually heard this. Very nice indeed! Thanks Mate!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks,but could you give the tracklstig titles.

Anonymous said...

Is possible the titles?

lajso said...

Could you give the tracklstig titles?

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Track 7 has even the class of early Leonard Cohen. Again: Please, the track list! Thanks!

XOX said...

Could you give the tracklstig titles?

mutantsounds said...

sorry guys...i understand you want the tracklist but i do not have it either,as i got this on cd-r only with front sleeve depicted...if anyone has it it would be appreciated to share it with us

Tom Law said...

Here are the titles to the ten trac
1. Child Of The Universe
2. Noah 1984
3. Francis
4. I Am Your Friend (Song For Pete)
5. To The Holy War
6. First Day Of Your Life (Song For Benjamin)
7. Ballad For World Heroes
8. Christine
9. Come On Joe
10. For My Isola

I have an original album TL

Anonymous said...

Hi there, it'd be great if you could upload this one again - have heard a lot about it and you're the only site I've found who has posted about it in detail.