Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Looking like a possessed Carmen Miranda and spewing a geyser of glosolalian inanity a mile a minute, Emi Elionola is a quintessentially polarizing presence and her inspired prattling is at the center of Demi Semi Quaver's seismic prog eruptions. As was the case with their eponymous debut (which I posted several months back), the hard-edged J-prog of the Bondage Fruit cum Happy Family school is still the closest touchstone for the intensive species of post-prog madness Demi Semi Quaver unleash here, though the vocal dimension and a distinct funk component go some ways to separating their machinations from those of their immediate peers. Cut from much the same cloth as their debut, this is a crucial piece of the 90's Japanese avant prog explosion and a perfect counterpoint to the lovely Japanese underground insanity that Mason Jones has been gracing MS with lately.

Get part one Here

Get part two Here


Anonymous said...

what is it with the Japanese and large breasted, cartoon women posing topless on building ledges?
There is a Dan Curtin cover on Sublime that is almost identical to this.
No big deal, just noting the similarity.

Anonymous said...

this is amazing.
you should post the scissor shock album tease the skeleton!!

Corbin said...

You wouldn't happen to have any of the Happy Family tapes would you? Oh man I would fucking die.

Anonymous said...

great music, nice blog, much respect!

Anonymous said...

I saw them live a few times when I lived in Tokyo (ca 1994). Extremely fun live performance. Went drinking with the groupies and the band afterwards. Very fun group. And Emi was stunning. Tall and just radiant. She played an accordion of sorts and it was just an amazing vision.

Diego said...

Maybe I'm too late, but just couldn't find the files to both parts of this post.

Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing such fine music.

Anonymous said...

Would you please be so kind to repost both Demi Semi Quaver albums?
I'm dying to hear them.
Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Hello guys, here it is: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=FCZUZGQ0