Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Atsushi Tsuyama-Starring as Henry the human horse,LP,1996,Japan

Following Eric's post a few weeks back,of ATSUSHI TSUYAMA-S/T CD-R,here comes his 1st LP,from 1996 .More acid freaked out folk(?) weirdness here.Much use of flutes ,sakuhachi,violin combined with some electronics ans a stoned voice giving a vibrating acid result that will totally freak you out!

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Snoose Junction said...

Very cool!

Many thanks,
and see yas in the future
-- 5-Track

Anonymous said...

Love the take-off of Richard Thompson's "Henry The Human Fly" album cover ... and boy, that too is one great album.

Fred G. Sanford said...

I didn't know that was supposed to be
a' la richard thompson.

I am now inspired to try to record the cramps' "human fly" as
'human horse' (or some other mammal).

anyway this reads like agreat album. it's next on my..list of things to do this weekend.


Ivangov said...

Please re-up Eric's Post of