Thursday, June 28, 2007

Filarmónica Fraude - Epopeia,LP,1969,Portugal

This album, a true pearl of portuguese music, is something surprizing. For it proposes an inovative sound, even if it follows the first recordings of Quarteto 1111, giving us a bronze armour sonority. An orchestral sound, epic, progressive, medieval, folk, pop, R&B, a cappela... in the end, a whole richness to discover. 1969 is the year, already after the "fall" of the chair by Salazar, but before still his death. It's a audacious picture of the country's political situation and tradition. Stories of the prince who goes to fight in the war, be demmand of the king, leaving behind him, his young girl, like in middle ages did. That is, distant and glorious situations (like the regime proppeled) to denounce the (then) present times. Influences? It's not not easy to see where they come from, but there's some Beatles in it. For example, in "Só Marinheiros e Escravos", with those maginificent violins, remind very "Eleanor Rigby". Or the begining of "Digo Dai", it seems to be the most known song of the album (even my mother remembers it), that suggests me "Piggies". The instrumentation and the arrangements are great. Just great to feature among the Portuguese popular historical music best albums (like some people consider). Violinis, cellos, harpsicords, organ, choirs, various percussions, harp... Yes, this was a non-common group. Like it would be proved later, if any had doubts, in Banda do Casaco.
Well you might find this too "soft" for Mutant Sounds,BUT ,listen closely....excellent compositions reminding Beach Boys's Pet Sounds or Beatles Revolver,combined with a meditteranean feeling and blended with acid folkish tunes.A magickal LP.
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Anonymous said...

I don't get it: what happen with the link? Will you re-upload it again one of these days?


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I get wondering about all the trouble that Salazar has done to my country, Portugal, in castrating a whole generation (several for been exactly, fifty years of that old bastard), but this record by Filarmónica Fraude is a indenable contribution and effort for the 70's musical landscape, along with Plexus (the first band that the violinist Carlos Zingaro would play), Quarteto 1111, Banda do Casaco, Anar Band (latter on, they would change their name to Telectu, an electronic duo that would played among others with Jac Berrocal), Filipe Pires (a kind of portuguese Stockhausen). And that's all. The rest in the sixties is simply merseybeat. But what gets me angry is the fact that the music industry don't rissue these same records. I don't know who would sing this, but EMI sucks (Sex Pistols? Crass?)

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hej. the link doesnt work. please fix it for me (and others). i really want this album.
thanks for all the great music btw. ive developed a sick obsession with your blogg.

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I don't get it!,,,, zshare...all of those failed! Badongo and the other are no use.

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Da link don't work man!

Mystery Poster said...

You can still get EPOPEIA here:
Rock Progressivo Portugues

Mutantes meets the Beatles, for real.

~Mr. Mys

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Thanx for this stunning obscurity!!!

Misongod said...

ninguem diz a password de filarmonica fraude?

rapatang said...

Here you got full tracklist

01. Epopeia (1ª Profecia) (A. Pinho/L. Linhares) 2:34
02. Na Ilha Virgem (A. Pinho/L. Linhares s/ motivo popular) 5:13
03. Digo-Dai (A. Pinho/L. Linhares s/ motivo popular) 2:13
04. Só Marinheiros e Escravos se Afundam Com a Nau (A. Pinho/L. Linhares) 2:22
05. Homenagem Póstuma (A. Pinho/L. Linhares) 2:10
06. Por Vós (Desgostoso, Carrancudo e Magro (A. Pinho/L. Linhares) 2:31
07. Centenário (A. Pinho/L. Linhares) 1:34
08. Sebastião Morreu! (A. Pinho/L. Linhares) 1:26
09. Epílogo (A. Pinho/L. Linhares) 1:54
10. Os Bem-Aventurados (A. Pinho/L. Linhares) 2:28
11. «25» (A. Pinho/L. Linhares) 3:18
12. 2ª Profecia (Bandarra/L. Linhares) 2:55

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sharing, great band and friends

4th Assassin said...

Any chance for a reup on this?