Thursday, June 21, 2007

Demonios tus Ojos-st,CD,1988,Spain

A project of Spanish songwriter Javier Corcobado.Excellent post punk meets jazz/funk,full of angst.In parts reminds me The Ex ,Theatre of Hate,Poison Girls,"prayers on fire" era Birthday Party,etc.Connections with Aviador Dro by his previous band Mar Otra Vez(coming very soon).

***************NEW LINK POSTED SEPTEMBER 2012***************

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Anonymous said...

You've done it again! Thanks alot for sharing this underground masterpiece from spain!
And on a note to aviador dro: although all their records have been reissued through their new website, the 12inch 'aviador dro vs mar otra vez' has not been re-released, which is a shame. Maybe we'll see it someday posted in your blog...

thanks again

titou said...

the link doesn't work
could you fix it please?
thank you

Anonymous said...

The link failed... I want to hear this rare combination of genres from Spain!
Thanks from Mexico