Monday, June 25, 2007

OHO- Okinawa ,LP,1974,USA

Okinawa was the first LP recorded by the Baltimore group OHO. It was a private release in 1974 .OHO started in late 1973 in Baltimore on the ashes of the band Little Hans. They played experimental progressive rock influenced by Frank Zappa, as well as British prog bands of the first echelon, such as King Crimson and Yes. The band name was an acronym of its core members' surnames (O'Sullivan, Heck and O'Connor). After two proper albums, Okinawa and Vitamin Oho, the band disbanded, with Jay Graboski and Mark O'Connor moving on to form the more new-wave influenced Food for Worms. OHO has been sporadically reuniting throughout the 1980s, most notably in 1989 when they recorded their first new album for more than ten years, called Audition. 2004 saw the release of the album Up recorded by the latest incarnation of OHO that has been put together by the veteran Jay Graboski.

“OKINAWA is astonishingly full of weirdness that falls somewhere in Syd Barret-era Floydland: some psychedelia, some art noise, some bizarre theatrics—but all around inventive and well-crafted.” -Ira Robbins, The Trouser Press Record Guide, USA
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