Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Inner Landscapes-The Gospel According to The Women In White,LP,1983,USA

Great and extremely rare minimal synth pop LP released privately in 1983.A nice mixture of distorted Flock of seagulls with manipulated Billy Idol-ish voice .
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Julian Drago said...

Looking forward to this!

I'm a long time reader of your blog, and I've just recently started up one of my own to share rare Latin music jams. If you have any interest in linking to my blog, let me know and I'll gladly add you back.

Thanks for the great posts!

PSI said...

Um, tracklisting? Everything came out as:
Audio Track 1
Audio Track 2
and so on.....

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Man, the first track off this LP is so great. Kinda goes down hill from there into a less inspired territory.


Anonymous said...

Yes, tracklisting would be nice.

mutantsounds said...

Here's the tracklisting:

2.Over the edge


4.Top of the stairs

5.The Women In White

6.Apocalypse of man


8.What's happening

9.Talk to me

10.What you've been doing to me

Tom said...

Thanks for the track list - it's a great help, as the scans were rather blurry.



Anonymous said...

what record label were they on? What city was the label based in? I use to think that they were from Italy or at least that what some synth collector who gave me a CD-R of this album a long time ago told me that this band was from.


Anonymous said...

Hey there, GREAT BLOG!
On discogs the track listing states that there is 11 tracks?
Where is track 10? B5 I Need Love.
A1 Desire
A2 Over The Edge
A3 Angels
A4 Top Of The Stairs
A5 Amnesia
B1 The Women In White
B2 Apocalypse Of Man
B3 E.S.P.
B4 What's Happening
B5 I Need Love
B6 What You've Been Doing To Me

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, it took me a while to get used to this voice. It simply got on my nerves. But now, after listening for the third time (something kept me to it) I declare: I love this record!!! Thank you very much.

Francis Jan said...

j'ai eu la même sensation qu'Oldskool quant à la voix. Le côté bizarre et singulier des première plages se dissout hélas progressivement au fil du disque. Merci pour le partage en tout cas !

Remind Me To Smile said...

Good job as always!
Here is the correct track listing for this post:

01 Desire
02 Over The Edge
03 Angels
04 Top Of The Stairs
05 Amnesia
06 The Women In White
07 Apocalypse Of Man / E.S.P. (both tracks merged together into one)
08 What's Happening
09 I Need Love
10 What You've Been Doing To Me