Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Michele Fedrigotti & Danilo Lorenzini - I fiori del sole,LP,1979,Italy

This is one of the obscurest Cramps releases.Stange electronic floating music,very atmospheric and sometimes scary.,in parts reminding some of the most claustrophobic musical pieces by Goblin or some Jakula compositions,yet more minimal and experimental.Unfortunately no much infos were found .
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Anonymous said...

From www.italianprog.com:

I fiori del sole was produced by Franco Battiato and brings to memory some of his most difficult mid-period works in the avantgarde field, being totally based on keyboards.

Thank you very much for this little known gem!

RTC said...

Man, you just made my day!

I have been obsessed with italian avant stuff from the mid-to-late 70's, and I was hoping to hear this record at some point, and voilà!

It's beautiful...

picking my nose said...

WOW! incredible! thank you !

Anonymous said...

it is a flower
a rare one!
glad you found it!

Anonymous said...

Howdy Jim!

Nenad Kobal here. Foremost I would like to thank for all the wo(u)nderful unknown gems, including this one. For majority of time I keep thinking I got tapped to another dimension. And they just keep coming ... Owhah! It's majestic to only see them and read about them, let alone listen to them.

Also would like to thank you for usage of some rather so-so reviews of mine from GEPR, although they were probably used for the lack of better ones, hehe.

Megathanks again! Nenad.