Tuesday, July 29, 2008


As promised, following my post of the first volume of this hyper limited 50 copy edition compendium on the notable Students Of Decay label, here's volume two. This set covers quite a bit of aesthetic ground and I'll proceed by assessing the contents in the order the discs are presented in. First up is Ohio noisician Mike Shiflet. I'll freely confess that I'm no one's idea of a noise advocate, so I'll politely recuse myself from passing judgement on his Haters-indebted parched plain of seismic grit. If this sorta thing is your bag, this is as good a sonic pumice stone to abrade your cilia with as any, I 'spose. Next up is Atlanta, Georgia native David Kirby (who has had a handful of other titles issued on this imprint) here trafficing in finely honed tactile soundfields wrought from shimmering resonances, assertive hums, and tintinnabulating tones that'll do funny things to your perceptual mechanisms. Disc three here comprises work by the long time Bay Area experimental operator Robert Horton, who has been ferreting around in the back alleys of the avant garde since the late 70's, though lately he's found a substantial second life in the wilds of the freak folk/New Weird America CDR culture, and the four tracks that comprise his "Ritual Ingestion Of Insect Substance" EP are easily the most exciting of the lot here; his densely interwoven but profoundly musical thickets of buzzing strings, clattering chimes, bowed/scraped metals and windy atmospherics suggestive of some of Kemialliset Ystavat's peak moments. Perfectly complimenting Horton's maneuvers is the lovely final disc here courtesy of Alligator Crystal Moth, one of the numerous non de plume's of the extremely prolific Foxglove/Foxy Digitalis label head Brad Rose, this one being his collaboration with Michael Donnely of Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood. Equally suggestive of the gnomic forest improv psych shenanigans of the contempo Finnish scene as Horton's doings are, but plied in a more loose, addled and expansive fashion, it's beguiling and accomplished work. Volume Three of this series will follow in the not-too-distant future.


Disc one: Mike Shiflet-Puritan Heartbreaker
Disc two: David Kirby-Shrieks Against The Glass
Disc three: Robert Horton-Ritual Ingestion Of Insect Substance
Disc four: Alligator Crystal Moth-Cow's Town Ornamental

Get Mike Shiflet-Puritan Heartbreaker Here

Get David Kirby-Shrieks Against The Glass Here

Get Robert Horton-Ritual Ingestion Of Insect Substance Here

Get Alligator Crystal Moth-Cow's Town Ornamental Here


Anonymous said...


I have been waiting forever for Vol. 2 so thanks a ton! I will cream my pants when Vol. 3 is posted. That's the one I've really been wanting to hear.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate the more prolific posts lately, since Jim's been away.

If possible, please keep it up since you do such a great job at posting sublime releases which we otherwise would likely never hear!

ross said...

hmmm....having difficulty extracting some of these files. is there a password? I was prompted for one upon attempting an extraction of the alligator crystal moth album.

vdoandsound said...

ross-Nope...there's no password. Never are any here. Something similar seems to have happened with some folks with the Proyecto A LP I posted last week. Someone posted this on the comment board for it a few days back. Hope this helps:

For all those having password issues on WindowsXP, if you just 'skip file' on the password protected files when extracting with the inbuilt zip extraction tool (NOT winrar etc), the MP3s come through fine. It seems like the artwork doesn't extract, but it's a small price to pay for such a great album.

ross said...

Thanks a lot vdo!!

And anyway, I'm a pathetic loser; I always delete the album art. Insincere? NEVER!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you are prompted for a password, try 7zip to extract your files instead of WinRAR or Winzip.

I haven't tried the beta, but v. 4.57 works fine.

Unknown said...

Hallo squire - many thanks for Vol 1 and Vol 2 but the not-too-distant promise of Vol3 has left my loins aching - any chance soon? Apols if I've missed the post (like a tard) but I have been keeping a very beady eye out!