Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ryuzaki & Rock Succession-Moog Sound Now,LP,1972,Japan

Although that i haven't been able to find the cover scans of this gem i decided to post it.This is one of the very first Japanese "synthpop" releases.Moog groovy sounds,in the psych feeling of the period.Ryuzaki is better known for his contribution in the "Kill Bill 1" soundtrack. Any more infos or scans of the cover will be much appreciated.

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2 comments: Syung Myung Me said...

I found the CD reissue with the cover and tracklisting (though it's all in Japanese):電子音楽イン・ジャパン-モーグ・サウンド・ナウ-虹をわたって-竜崎孝路/dp/B00000JO66/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=music&qid=1216005079&sr=8-1


Anonymous said...

Here are the track titles translated on google translate

1. Over the Rainbow
2. Tourist Accommodation
3. Tomaranai Those Things
4. Small Diameter of the Sunflower
5. You Just
6. Elegy Red
7. Owl Train
8. Not One of
9. Love Not Allowed
10. Goodbye To
11. The extremity of the Road
12. His Season the Sun