Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Speed Limit-st,LP,1974,France

Speed Limit was a studio only band consisting of :George Jinda , Yochk'o Jeff Seffer , Jean-Louis Bucchi , Gérard Curbillon , Joël Dud Dugrenot, Shiroc , Janik Top ,Excellent zeuhl-ish experimental fussion,by the masters of the genre,
PLEASE NOTE:The last song on side B was impossible to be transferred ,since i only got this on tape and tape was badly damaged.Sorry about that.If someone could provide it it would be much appreciated.

get it here


Anonymous said...

Hi, I've got a copy of this album which I'm guessing has the last song (there's a total of 6 songs, the last being "Ducky"). Is there somewhere I can e-mail you this?

mutantsounds said...

hello mazon
sure post Ducky to ma at: jbull23@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

cool, it should be in your inbox now (I sent it twice as I wasn't entirely confident with hotmail). The second one is through my work email, which should be just fine.


Anonymous said...

Hello. First i want to say thank you, for all the good records...!
And this one (Speed Limit) is an absolute masterpiece. Thanks!
Then I wonder if you now got the last song?
Best wishes. /Jonas (from Sweden)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jonas, I think Jim may be too busy to post the Speed Limit track yet (moving house), so to save mutant sounds time, I just uploaded the last track "Ducky" to mediafire, here's the link, enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mezon. Thank you very much for the last track!


Anonymous said...



Segroeg said...

Thank you very much, i've got this album but not able to rip it.
Great share.

peskypesky said...

thank you once again for the obscure Zeuhl treat!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Such a pity! The mediafire link to download Ducky is not working anymore!

Can anyone upload that track again?

Thank you in advance! And thanks too for all these great recordings you are sharing through this blog!

David Fresno, from Madrid.

C B said...

I'd like to hear that last track if anyone can up it. Great job in general MUTANT SOUNDS and community!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry for bothering you, but I missed the Mediafire link of the last track. Could someone please upload it again?
Thanks in advance.

DEODAT said...

Hi, is there somebody for sending the missing track to me ? Thanks.
Email at : sdunner@arkos.fr

Feed Me said...

Damn good looks on this record. shit is french bitches brew