Monday, January 26, 2009


Continuing on from my posts of this Swedish R.I.O. stalwart's extraordinary first two missives, here's his thoroughly relentless fourth studio outing (following a collaboration with Sten Sandell that I'm missing), one on which the blistering and claustrophobic dimensions of Steensland's muse are ratcheted up, but so too are the occasionally alienating ones, the airless density and murkier mix here sometimes subsuming the proceedings or clotting them into indigestibility. It's still fascinating, furious and cantankerous work and continues to extend the legacy of R.I.O.'s more forbidding dimensions (Univers Zero, Art Zoyd, Present, Shub Niggurath even if it's monomaniacal zeal for malevolent pummel makes you want to cry uncle from time to time.

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Anonymous said...

Wonderful post!

Description very accurate.

Thanks very much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

this is still available here:
it seems your urge to share without checking availability is impacting on smaller labels who still have stock they have invested in that they will now be unlikely to shift. i understand the urge to share comes from a good intention, but you need to be careful or you will come across an angry bad vugum or similar who may cause you legal trouble