Sunday, January 25, 2009

Suki Suki Switch-You May Forget It,1983/1990,5 flexidisk set/CD,Japan

Great Japanese post punkish no wave band from the early 80s.Suki Suki Switch is a great techno punk band in Tokyo. Their only work is 5 flex-discs set album (later it became a CD). Its cover art used Yu-ichi Jibiki. Soichiro Suzuki, a drummer in the latter period was formerly in World Standard which is recently famous about mondo music from Non-Standard label, and Everything Play.Music is primitive DIY synth punk, reminding the great UK acts of Deleted/Fuck Off records(Door and the Window, Instant Automatons,etc) and with hints of Young Marble Giantesque calmness in some parts. A great Jap act in the tradition of Aunt Sally, Normal Brain and the whole early 80s Jap DIY scene.

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Paperback Tourist said...

I've been coming to your blog for a while and it's high time I commented. You - sir - deserve a knighthood from the queen for services to music. Thanks for all the effort and for making a truly interesting place to visit!

Abel said...

Great sound! Thx for sharing!

Unknown said...

This blog is absolutely amazing, I too have been visiting for quite some time but never ended up commenting. Now I have a blog thanks to (in part) the inspiration you and others have given me to start one.

Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

This blog never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for sharing!

Rachel Owlglass said...

Thanks! Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

Hello everybody!

Is there anybody, who have the "Sturmischer Himmel" record of the "Anima Sound" band? It's a very rare album, and I have been searching this for years - and I've read, that someone has uploaded this album to this blog, but the file is already deleted :(
Is it possible to upload this stuff again? I would be so grateful...:)

Thanks in advance!

(from Hungary)

Rachel Owlglass said...

This is good!!! You wouldn't happen to have any other things from Wax Records?

Tropolist said...

Could I perhaps request a nice, clean scan of the album art? I love this blog so much, but its almost impossible to find good album art for these albums.

MORPHY said...

hi, can you upload FLAC/wav or ISO of this great CD??!!