Sunday, January 11, 2009


Though most here will take note of this split 10" for it's documentation of the work of these legendary freak supreme krautrockers circa their mid-90's re-emergence (roughly contemporary with their two limited live CD's on Table Of The Elements), The post-"Krautrock" (the track, not the movement) insistent rock churn thats been a hallmark of theirs since their reformation and the clangorous post-industrial atmosphere of it's ancillary aspects on their three brief pieces here is neither more nor less than anyone with an awareness of their later work would expect. It's all pleasant enough I 'spose, but if there's cause for getting hot and bothered here, it's down to the doings of the little known Frenchmen on the flip side in La Kuizine, who are here flawlessly working a seam between gritty 8-bit instrumental synth pop blurt that glances of the likes of Alesia Cosmos and submerged emissions from the same transistor radio frequency wavelength that NWW-lister's Bomis Prendin broadcasts on.

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