Sunday, January 25, 2009

Korpus Kristi - 1000 Augen ,LP,1981,Germany

Great and very rare NDW record here.Pseudo agressive vocals, claustrophobic atmospheres, angst, and much post punk weirdness. Reminds in parts Belfegore's "A dog is born" LP.No much info about the band though.This was produced by Tom Dokupil(Wirtschaftswunde, Siluetes 61, Radierer,Die Partei) on the same label (1000 Augen) as Siluetes 61 first 7" . They have also released a 7" on Zick Zack label.
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Anonymous said...

Great that this work appears again.
Iused to have a lot of mostly german underground and sold them the end of 80´s in gb.
I never came across a person owning this record at the time.
It would be nice if unother quite unknown work of german musicians of the aera would appear.

The bands name is ZATOPEK

Anonymous said...

I´ve bought this record in 1981, but i passed a lot of parties with and also the condition of the disk is verry bad. i`v searched the disk all over the Net and markets but unfortunately i never seen the record
since the 80´s.
If there is anybody who got that disc, please send me a copy from...

(sorry for my bad english,- but i`m talking about german underground ;-) )

ultraphlegmatic said...

Singer Christian Bodenstein was also in Die Radierer.

Disco Rough said...
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