Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Antediluvian Rocking Horse - Music For The Odd Occasion,CD,1995,Australia

Very strange electronic/experimental band from Australia.As strarting point here we have the outskirts of trance(in their most extreme way)and we continue with dada experiments,psychedelic madness,ethno beats, strange sounds ,cut ups .... First released through Psyharmonics label but then released also by Negativeland's Seeland label(the similarities are more than obvious).The notorious Ollie Olsen is also involved in this project.Great listen!
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Anonymous said...

WOW!!! These guys are great! Paul is a local legend as ARH brainchild and brilliant destructo-DJ. Killer stuff!

Anonymous said...

Haven't heard this, but I saw them live a few times back in the 90's... great stuff!


Bunny Rabbits said...

thanks for the props, good to know there are still heads out there and into our stuff, Paul DJ#2 ARH.

Anonymous said...

yes! finally...been looking for antideluvian..,ollie olsen, and shaolin wooden men....havent found before now! looking forward to checking this out.

Audiozobe said...

Remarkable album. A cross between fellow countrymen Severed Heads and something out of Laurent Garnier's most fevered dream. Thanks for sharing, it's a formidable find and I had never heard of it.