Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some Images of Soisong live in Köln 9.11.2009

Just AMAZING!Full review to follow!


noxpox said...

Thank you for posting.I have been there, too.It was so amazing.i was so flattering, flashed and happy afterwards, i couldnt sleep, although i had too.
Greetings from noxpox

Jurk said...

old men behind laptops... i love the soisong-releases, but i didn't go to the concert because i was afraid i might see just that :)

old man with a laptop said...

jurk you're a jerk

Anonymous said...

check this one out.

Anonymous said...

sorry, but that new soisong album is realllllllllly lame. and i've been a coil fan since day one! feh!

DBock said...

You have some unbefreakinlievably awesome cheese in this blog.
Amazing. Truly freakin' amazing.

Your name will surely be mentioned in the annals of esoterica--at least in the footnotes--as one of the musical archivists (and other lunatics) who helped to rescue this material from obscurity.

Though I do not bow before you, I do stagger a bit.