Saturday, November 14, 2009


Just another little notice to let those of you that still collect original vinyl know that my next round of rare albums for auction went up today, including a one-0f-a-kind handmade version of Metabolist's Hansten Klork LP created for Steven Stapleton,  a hyperlinked listing of which can be found Here 


앤서니 said...

hey! love yr blog... i've found soooo many things i've been looking for here over the past coupla years! here's my new blog...

i'll put a link for ya on my page!

^_^ tony

post script...

kemialliset ystävät double 8" foe auction?!? oooohhhhh... i want.

Anonymous said...

Hey, how about updating the "Other great SITES/BLOGS" to a blogroll?
When, of course, you find the time that is.

Amo ergo sum said...

great blog, thank you very much! I have indexed it on mine:

Feel free to have a look and/ or link back.

Special thanks for the Dinosaurs With Horns post

Take care and a good 2010


Anonymous said...

why put reserves on an auction? do you want to sell some records or just show off?