Thursday, April 15, 2010


Continuing my posts of Swedish underground fare from the 70's (and carrying on as well from the Janne Schaffer album I posted a short while back), here's the third release from this Swedish flautist who made a string of very choice funky fusion albums in the early 70's before joining (along with his sideman Schaffer) the extraordinary Ralph Lundsten's Andromeda All-Stars. Sissel is a consistent joy to behold and covers a large swath of territory, from a horn-centric krautrock intensity that reminds me of Germany's Brainstorm and Embryo to others that sound like Thick As A Brick period Tull and the flute-y end of early 70's fusion from Jeremy Steig to Chris Hinze. Dig!
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Anonymous said...

This album rules! I found this LP for $1 at my local swap meet and I had no idea what it was. It's now one of my faves. The 2 longest cuts Sissel and Storpolska are the best - Krauty, freaked out fusion grooves. Amazing!

A Nony Mous said...

Also available here: SISSEL and here: SISSEL AGAIN lots MORE Bjorn (some equally delicious, like Ramadan & Cous Cous) can be found here: SPICY LINDH GOODIES which has saved the 2008 links from the defunct My Jazz World.


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Thank you so much!